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Clearinghouse for Automobile and Workers Comp claims

Automobile (No Fault) and Worker's Comp Clearinghouse

MPM, Inc Clearinghouse that bills for Automobile and Workers Comp Claims.

 With the NJ State Bill S-2137 Medical Electronic bills for Automobile Insurance claims take effect on September 1, 2019. MPM, Inc Clearinghouse provides all providers\medical office a solution on sending NF & Workers comp claims electronically for payments.

Clearinghouses are electronic stations, or hubs, that allow healthcare providers to transmit electronic claims to insurance carriers in a secure way that protects patient health information. They offer medical billers and billing managers a way to consolidate all their electronic claims and manage them from a single location via online dashboards.

These different types of claims clearinghouses are varied, including claims for pharmacy, dental, durable medical equipment, in-patient and out-patient facilities, and medical professionals.

Clearinghouse responsibilities for workers’ comp or auto bills include:

  • validate for bill completion prior to transmission to payor

    nj state bills-2137

  • notify provider if data is missing or in error
  • transmit supporting documents/medical reports to payor with bill, and
  • pass payor acknowledgement of bill back to providers.

The most highly regarded clearinghouses provide credible revenue cycle management intelligence that makes their services extremely compelling in terms of cost and efficiency. The average error rate for paper claims is 28%, but using a top clearinghouse can reduce that to 2%.

When seeking a quality healthcare clearinghouse look for these features:

  • eligibility verification to determine patient portion before appointment
  • electronic remittance advice (ERA) to automatically update payments and adjustments
  • claim status reports
  • rejection analysis to help translate error codesnj state bills-2137
  • online access for editing and correcting claims online
  • real-time support for personnel, one-on-one support and training
  • claims that can be printed but also tracked and managed online, and
  • affordability when compared to the cost of purchasing forms, printing, envelopes, postage and time spent.

A clearinghouse helps healthcare professionals catch and fix claim errors in minutes rather than days or weeks. The result is fewer denied claims and significantly higher claim success, as well as fast claims processing, ability to file claims in batches and reduction in human error.

Using a clearinghouse helps to improve provider relationships with insurance carriers, mitigates long wait-times for claim inquiries and shorter payment cycles that lead to more accurate revenue forecasts.

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