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Date Sensitive Revenue Management Update Required for Change Healthcare Customers

Date Sensitive Revenue Management Update
Required for Change Healthcare Customers

Change Healthcare has undergone security and rebranding initiatives to their APIs and Web Services that will require customer action to maintain connectivity. eMDs has made the necessary changes to Revenue Management and is ready to roll out these changes to our customers who are using Change Healthcare for electronic claims, remittance posting (ERAs), and patient eligibility.

Both the current and updated versions of the Change Healthcare APIs and Web Services are available for use only until October 24, 2018.  Beginning October 25, 2018, only the updated version of the APIs and Web Services will be operable. To access the new version of the APIs and Web Services, this will require Revenue Management version updates. If you are not on the updated version of Revenue Management by October 25, 2018, your connectivity to Change Healthcare for electronic claims, remittance posting and patient eligibility will no longer be operable.

What do I need to do to update Revenue Management to become compliant for the Change Healthcare updates?

eMDs has posted the Revenue Management v2218 and Revenue Management v1914 updates to accommodate these necessary changes. Please apply this update to your Revenue Management installations prior to October 25, 2018 to ensure you are not negatively impacted by this Change Healthcare update.

How do I update my current version?

You can update your Revenue Management with two simple mouse clicks.

  • Open the Revenue Management program from inside Medisoft/Lytec.
  • In the top toolbar, click “Help” and select “Check for Update.”
  • IF YOU WERE UNABLE TO GET ON THE LATEST PATCH of Revenue Management v1914 before Wednesday October 10, 2018, or you receive a “Software Not Found Error” when trying to apply your updates, you will not be able to apply this update through the above process.  In order to apply this change you will need to follow the steps outlined in the knowledge base article labeled “Revenue Management 19/14 – Software Not Found Error” as a manual procedure is required.It is imperative that you follow the instructions and apply updates as directed above to prevent downtime for your application.

    If you have additional questions regarding this notice, please contact  MPM Support for further assistance at 973-256-1998 x505