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Electronic Services

Make Medisoft and Lytec work for you with Electronic Services from Relay Health- Change Healthcare

Electronic Claims

There are several options for sending electronic claims with Medisoft, and each provides it’s own unique benefits. Deciding which option is right for you can seem like a daunting task. Our goal is to help you understand which aproach is best for your practice and will provide your office with all the services it needs to function effciently. The below comparison chart offers an at-a-glance look at the different options, and can help you compare them quickly.

Eligibility Verification

With Electronic Eligibility Verification you will never again have to guess if a patent has current coverage or have to wait on hold to verify eligibility. Save time and money by having Medisoft do the work for you with Electronic Eligibility Verification.

Electronic Statements

Sending paper statements is one of the most time consuming jobs in a physician’s office. By using Electronic statements, you can send statements as easily as you can send electronic claims! Let someone else do the printing, sorting, stuffing envelopes and affixing postage for you. You’ll be saving time, money, and productivity.

Prescription Processing

Save time and improve patient safety

DX Rx is a complete electronic prescription writing solution that uses a web-enabled hand-held wireless device or desktop computer to send prescriptions and refills directly to a pharmacy.

  • Writes and refills prescriptions from anywhere at any time via the Internet in a matter of seconds
  • Sends prescriptions to any pharmacy in the US
  • Creates prescriptions that are accurate, legible, and secure, virtually eliminating interpretation errors common with handwritten prescriptions
  • Reduces the amount of time your staff spends on the phone with pharmacies clarifying and renewing prescriptions
  • Stores information on previously-prescribed drugs and tracks patient and prescribing doctor information. This information is available anywhere, any time
  • Combines with Medisoft software to allow access to your patient data on the OnCallData system
  • Alerts the provider of potential drug/drug and drug/allergy interactions
  • Provides access to drug monographs

Why send prescriptions electronically?

  • Improves patient safety with accurate, legible prescriptions
  • Allows your staff to spend more time on patient care
  • Saves time for the patients because prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy and are ready when they arrive.