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GREAT News Medisoft\Lytec users

Dear Medisoft\Lytec Users.
Your current software company is now able to help your office with your in house billing. Yes that is correct, you heard this correctly!
Medisoft\Lytec has all the resources to now actually do your in-house billing for all specialties on your current software!
Medisoft\Lytec RCM adds value by implementing scientific ways of improving practices’ collection, saving cost, scaling your business, keeping at lowest AR, Data Analytic, filling gaps, combine offerings,  etc. to Medisoft\Lyetc billing & RCM companies and Healthcare IT Solution companies.

Additionally, a startup ecosystem, flexibility and eagerness to solve clients/partners real business challenges without focusing on the cost makes Medisoft\Lytec a reliable partner for  you.

Medisot\Lytec team has gained its revenue cycle management, healthcare IT solutions & Industry expertise after working with 100s of providers and processed 100s of 1000s of claims in a year. We have worked with over 100 major and sub-specialties over the years, and submitted claims to 100s of payers across the USA.

We are eager to discuss with you about how we can be your reliable RCM and back-office services partner in 2019.

Would you be receptive for a quick call with one of our senior partners to discuss on these? If so, give us a call at 973-256-1998 *506