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Medisoft V21 Pre Sale – Save up to 30%

All Medisoft ,eMD has just released a Pre Sale on Medisoft V21. Discounts end on 10/30/16, call today at 800-503-3911 x506 to take advantage our Pre Sale!

Medisoft V21 

Upgrade from V20:                 List Price                    MPM Price
Basic                                                     $145                               $101
Advanced                                             $377                               $264
Network Pro                                        $1044                             $730
Upgrade from V19:               List Price                    MPM Price
Basic                                                 $424                                $318
Advanced                                        $1104                               $828
Network Pro                                   $3059                              $2294
Upgrade from V18 or older: List Price                    MPM Price
Basic                                                      $499                             $374
Advanced                                             $1299                           $974
Network Pro                                        $3599                           $2699


MEDISOFT V21 Features


Online Appointment Scheduling

The world has been online for a few decades now, and patients are finally joining the mix.  They expect to do business online.  With Medisoft 21, your practice will be able to allow patients to schedule and request appointments right from your website.  They will also be able to do basic demographic form entry, which will speed up the intake process once the patient shows up in your practice.  This automation will save time and money, as well as provide your patients with a service which will help them remain with your practice.  Patients want to engage you online, Medisoft 21 will help you to do that. (Network Pro Only)

ICD10 Search Tool

Medisoft V21 includes standard an ICD10 search tool that will ease the transition to the new ICD10 codes as carriers begin enforcing the selection of proper codes.  The natural language query included will allow users to search by code, by description, or even visually by clicking on anatomical diagrams.  Don’t let your cash flow be negatively affected by the changing requirements, let Medisoft V21 help you select the right codes!

Practice Cleanup Utility

Your practice has been using Medisoft for years.  Over the course of time, various people have entered data into Medisoft that may not be quite accurate.  This can result in reports that show incorrect balances, statements going out to patients with incorrect balances, and much more.  Medisoft V21 will allow you to specify a point in time, and write off all balances prior to that time.  This will help you as you implement solutions such as BillFlash Patient Statements or Autoremind appointment reminders, or Trizetto/RelayHealth EDI services.  Bad data makes it difficult to implement those solutions.  Medisoft 21 will help you beat bad data.

Integrated Appointment Reminder System

Autoremind offers practices the ability to send appointment reminders to patients with upcoming appointments.  These reminders can be sent through phone calls, secure emails, and text messages.  As patients confirm their appointments, your Lytec system will be updated to reflect that confirmation status.  You can also use the Autoremind portal to assist as you work through the patient recall process.  *Additional Monthly Fees Apply

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