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Medisoft V22 and Lytec 2018 – 20% Pre Sale

20% off all New Purchases, upgrades and crossgrades through Nov 17th, 2017
If you missed out on the first sale, don’t worry you still have to time to save. Call today to place your upgrade!
Medisoft V22 Pre Sale
        Version 21 Upgrade Pricing
Basic 1 VO-MSRP Price $145                    Sale Price $116
Advanced 1 VO- MSRP Price $377            Sale Price $301
Network Pro 1 VO- MSRP Price $1044      Sale Price $835
Version 20 Upgrade Pricing

Basic 2 VO MSRP  Price $424                              Sale Price $339
Advanced 2 VO  MSRP Price $1104                    Sale Price $883 
Network Pro 2 VO MSRP Price $3059                Sale Price $2447
Version 19 or Older

Basic 3 VO- 

MSRP Price $499                  Sale Price $399
Advanced 3 VO-M 

SRP $1299                   Sale Price $1039
Network Pro 3 VO- 

MSRP Price $3599     Sale Price $2879

Lytec 2018 Pre Sale- call our office at 973-256-1998 *506 for pricing.
Medisoft V22 and Lytec 2018- Available for Pre-Order!
  • AR Tracker
  • CPT Code Search
  • Claims status check (send 276)
  • Eligibility: Real time for other clearinghouses and correcting major 271 processing issue.  Testing will be with Change/RelayHealth & TriZetto
  • Ability to save remittances in posting screen, permits partial batch posting
  • Print EOBs for individual claims
  • Filter claims that are marked ready to post
MBI Guarantee: * eMDs guarantees that V22 will support the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) that will replace the SSN-based Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) to ensure support for Medicare claim, eligibility status, payment, and claim status.