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NextGen Office Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

Our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific workflow makes NextGen Office

a great choice for any  infectious disease clinic.

Infectious Disease EHR

NextGen Office Infectious Disease NextGen Office infectious disease EHR offers an iPad native, intuitive interface at the touch of a fingertip – so patient care can remain your primary focus. Designed to function like a doctor, NextGen Office goes above and beyond what competitors have to offer in the field of infectious disease EHR software.

Infectious Disease EHR Care Plans

A Care Plan is a pre-formatted, fully customizable interface that is used to document your treatment objectives and goals regarding a specific diagnosis. Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires this documentation, when applicable, in each encounter note, and with NextGen Office we make it simple.

Infectious Disease EHR Features

  • Care plans for common infectious diseases
  • Track and compare lab results in chart or graph format
  • Access charts at the point of care
  • Integrated EGR system for built-in Meaningful Use
  • Import patient medication history
  • Non-obtrusive reminders for preventive care

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