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NextGen Office Features


EHR Vendor First Year Comparison

We have compared the first year pricing of some of the major EHR/EMR vendors based on data from the Maryland Health Care Commission website and the vendors’ own respective websites.

ehr vendor comparison

Choosing EHR Vendors

There are a lot of EHR companies out there, and choosing the right vendor can seem like a daunting task. The product price is only one of the aspects to consider. You also want to make sure that your EMR vendor is going to be with you for the long haul – since this will save you the money, time, and hassle of switching to a new system when the old one goes out of business.

To help you in this assessment, we have developed a comprehensive EHR vendor comparison of the top integrated EHRs as listed by Medical Economics.

meditouch emr vendor comparison

When comparing EHR vendors, these are some of the things that will save you money in the long run:
• An integrated, cloud-based solution
• Compliance with government incentive programs
• Early adoption of incentive programs and standards
• Established business with a successful financial model

NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch was one of the first EHR vendors to become 2014 Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified, and we have been ICD-10 ready since 2013. Even with government delays, early adoption of compliance standards is an important thing to look for when choosing EHR vendors. After all – EHR companies that cannot meet compliance standards deadlines either lack the technical expertise to keep up with health IT developments, or don’t have the financial resources to invest in their EHR technology.

Sometimes NO is Better than Yes

  • NO upgrade fees
  • NO expensive servers
  • NO training fees
  • NO support fees
  • NO long term contracts

Purchasing a competitor’s system can cost over $50,000 in the first year alone. This is why we offer our cloud-based solution – completely integrated with EHR, Patient Portal, Practice Management and Clearinghouse – on an affordable subscription basis

IPAD Native
ipad ehr software

Medical Records at Your Fingertips with NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch

Perform a complete SOAP note from start to finish on your iPad or iPad Mini, connect to the Internet and chart from anywhere. With NextGen Office- Formerly  MediTouch – wherever you are, your patient records are only a tap of the fingertip away.

  • Experienced Apple developer—NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch is designed for fingertip touch on the iPad
  • Use Apple speech to text as a substitute for expensive transcription services
  • Prescribe and view your schedule on the iPhone
  • Works on all platforms (mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops, Windows or Mac)

Touch, Talk or Type with the Best iPad EMR

meditouch ipad ehr

Whether you prefer touch, talk (dictation) or typing, NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch is flexible enough to support the best data input method at just the right time on your choice of device type – iPad, desktop or laptop!

Since NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch is optimized for touch, fingertip data entry is fast and easy. In addition,  NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch’s iPad EMR is also designed to populate data via dictation in any text field. With all iPads (except the first generation), dictation functionality is built-in and can be used to replace typing for faster data entry, without the need to invest in expensive dictation software. Mobile medicine is the future of healthcare. Don’t get left behind – start using MediTouch on the iPad today.

Faster Charting with NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch

NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch’s iPad EHR was designed so you can chart on the go, from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Unlike most of our competitors, NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch is completely iPad native. This enables you to use the full software without limitations straight in your iPad browser – no apps or installation necessary.

Charting at the point of care is the gold standard of EHRs. By using a mobile tablet such as the iPad, you can chart at the bedside or in the exam room. Never worry about a bulky computer screen coming between you and your patient – and have all of the charting completed by the time the patient leaves the exam room.

Best of all, when it’s time for you to work at your desk, use NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch on any computing device: PC or Apple, Windows or Mac, on either a desktop, laptop or mobile tablet. Flexibility is the key, and with NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch you are always using the right device at the right time!

Medical Charting

EHR Medical Charting

  • Traditional SOAP format
  • Buttons designed for iPad fingertip touch
  • Older encounters are easily accessible
  • Dual view pull-outs allow for multi-tasking

Our interface design brings order to complexity. It makes your EHR software unobtrusive, never distracting you from the primary focus, your patient.


ePrescribe With Confidence

NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch has gone through a thorough testing process to ensure that our EHR software exceeds industry standards for electronic prescribing. With just a few clicks, you will be transmitting safe and efficient prescriptions that are compliant with the Medicare e-prescribing directive, Meaningful Use and the Surescripts Hub.

  • Dosing Calculator built-in
  • Google Maps to your patient’s favorite pharmacy
  • We remember your favorite drugs and sigs
  • Formulary, refills and fast pharmacy look-up

Review Medications Other Providers Have Prescribed

Understanding a patient’s medication history is simple, even if they have been seen by another provider on another system. The patient’s Rx medication history can be downloaded from SureScripts, imported, and displayed directly in the patient’s chart.

Why Electronic Prescribing with NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch?

There are several benefits to e-prescribing using NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch. These are just some of them:

  • More Accurate Prescriptions – Electronic prescribing helps reduce medication errors and saves time, both for you and your staff. It also makes fraud and tampering with prescriptions nearly impossible.
  • Improved Patient Safety – The NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch eRx system provides advanced checks and warnings for drug interactions, allergies, dosage levels, and duplicates. And it all happens in real time at the point of care.
  • Integrated and Web-Based – Our built-in e-prescribing system is fully integrated with MedTouch EHR – and since it’s completely cloud-based, there is no software to download or install. Use it on the go on a smartphone or iPad or at the point of care!
  • Simple Refills – Patients can use the NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch YourHealthFile patient portal to request refills online, without the need for time consuming phone calls or office visits.
  • Pharmacy Search and Mapping – Your patients will appreciate the convenience of the built-in pharmacy lookup to find the closest pharmacy. Print out maps and directions, and save the location as a favorite for future visits.
  • Expedited Workflow – Save and reuse recurring prescription information for a particular patient, download patient medication history, and complete the entire prescription process with a few clicks or taps of your fingertip.
  • Fast Renewals – Batch renewals make the tedious one renewal at a time process presented in most EHR software products obsolete.

Patient Portal

Integrated EHR Patient Portal Software

With YourHealthFile Patient Portal, your patients have private, secure access to their electronic Personal Health Record (PHR). Our online patient portal is completely integrated with NextGen Office- Formerly MediTouch EHR.

  • Administrative – appointments, pre-registration and scheduling
  • Clinical – lab results, clinical summaries and prescription renewals
  • Billing – online statements and “ask a biller” payment questions
  • Secure Messaging – compliant with the Meaningful Use standards

Save time, reduce phone calls, and use our Patient Portal to communicate lab results to your patients. Your comments about the results are easily communicated to your patient.


HealthFusion -A unique MediDraw feature

HealthFusion’s unique MediDraw feature makes it easy to document physical exam findings. Simply snap a picture of your patient’s finding with your smartphone or iPad and send it directly to the patient chart – then draw directly on it using your fingertip or mouse.

  • Cross-compatible – works on iPad or computer
  • Draw directly on a patient photo or anatomical outline
  • Over 100 anatomical outline images to choose from

HealthFusions's MediDraw