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NextGen Office Pulmonology


Our strong focus on pulmonology and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow

makes NextGen Office a great choice for any pulmonologist.

NextGen Office Pulmonology EHR

As a pulmonologist, your needs NextGen Office Meditouch Pulmonaryare different than those of a primary care physician. NextGen Office pulmonology EHR software understands this, and is designed to be completely customizable to suit your specific process.

Whether treating or managing pneumonia, tuberculosis, or emphysema, with NextGen Office EHR you always have easy on-the-go access to charts, medical history, and lab results – and you can ePrescribe at the touch of a fingertip. Spend less time behind a computer screen, and more time in front of your patients.


Pulmonology EHR Care Plans

A Care Plan is a pre-formatted, fully customizable interface that is used to document your treatment objectives and goals regarding a specific diagnosis. Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires this documentation, when applicable, in each encounter note, and with NextGen Office we make it simple. 

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