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Is your Insurance Aging Growing? Losing Money due to poor follow up? We have a solution for you!

  • Are you losing money due to outstanding insurance claims?
  • Are you losing money because of timely filings?
  • Is your Staff just not producing results?
  • Does you staff not have enough time to be able to call on the insurance aging?
  • Are you denials being worked on?
  • What does you Account Receivable look like?
  • Claim’s with inaccurate information being caught timely?

MPM and eMDs have a solution for you!

Metropolitan Practice Management (MPM) in partnership with e-MDs is pleased to announce our NEW Employees for Hire Program to practices throughout the country. Many offices are finding it difficult to be able to hire experience\productive employees who are willing to do the tedious time consuming job of insurance aging follow up. Now for LOW Monthly Rate,  your Practice can now hire our experienced Employees to handle this time consuming work

You do not have to pay for benefits, payroll taxes, workers comp, vacation days, sicks days, personal days, paid Holidays or worry when your employee does not show up to work and the work does not get done! With our Employees for Hire Program, you have an option of hiring a Full time Employee or a Part time Employee from our office to call on your Insurance aging!

Our staff will work on your existing billing program, all is needed is a connection to your data or server.

Benefits to your office

  • Low Monthly salary for a Full time or Part Time Employee that cannot be matched anywhere
  • Experienced Medical Billers working on your account
  • Weekly or Monthly phone meeting to go over your account
  • Weekly reports provided to client, breaking down all insurance calls made
  • No more interviews, Training, hiring or firing! No MORE STRESS

Stop losing money, call us today!

Call our office today to take advantage of our Employee’s for Hire Program at 973-256-1998 x506