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Practice Management Features


Patient Scheduling at Your Fingertips

  • The MediTouch scheduling interface is specialized for fast medical appointment entry. If you have ever used a scheduling program before, our interface will be familiar and get you started right away.
  • Appointment search quickly match patient appointment requests with the provider’s calendar
  • Move appointments with a simple drag and drop
  • Schedule multiple resources for the same appointment time, ex. Provider + EKG machine
  • Customizable color-coding for appointment types and preferences

Charging and Posting


For proper billing, a virtual HCFA form just won’t work. Complex payer rules dictate a more inclusive interface, with fields that pre-fill and incorporate all the data required to get paid correctly on your initial submission. With our integrated clearinghouse there is never any disconnect between the charge entry interface and payer requirements.

  • Billing templates speed up charge entry
  • Supports latest 5010 rules, anesthesia minutes and NDC codes
  • Fee schedule automatically enters appropriate fee for each CPT code
  • Coding is a breeze – remembers prior diagnoses for patients


We unify the posting of electronic and paper advice. Detailed reporting allows the user to report payments by payer, provider and location.

  • The best ERA auto-posting system
  • Fast manual posting for payers that don’t send electronic remittance
  • We do the math so every account balances
  • Compare expected amount per your fee schedule with payer allowed amount

Patient posting screens display prior balances, co-pay amounts and guarantor balances making it easy for front office staff to collect at the point of care, and the built-in credit card module is completely integrated with the payment process.

Denial Management

Denial Defender Optimized Claims

Should you get a denial, our workflow supports an easy way to mark the claim for appeal and re-send the claim to the payer along with any edits you choose to make.

  • Compare each claim against a sophisticated database of standards
  • Millions of edits designed to avoid health plan rejection and denial
  • Monthly reports that track your denials based on the denial reason
  • Get feedback on the latest Medicare LCD and NCD rules, CCI edits and use of modifier.

Patient Billing

Practice Management Patient Billing Services

Easily print statements or use our electronic service to mail the statement for you. Better yet – send statements to the patient portal and collect patient balances via credit card without ever mailing a statement.

  • Save your favorite statement batching parameters as a template
  • Group statements by guarantor to save mailing expenses
  • Send custom messages and/or an automatic AR Aging (Dunning) message
  • Easily skip a statement if the patient has recently made payment

Avoid billing patients until the secondary claim has been adjudicated – we will automatically filter the statements for you based on whether the patient has a secondary payer.