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Updates for Medisoft V19 or Lytec 2014 will no longer be provided

Mckesson released on 10/19/2015 the following:


Medisoft v19\Lytec 2014 was released in preparation for an ICD-10 transition date of April 2014. When the transition date was delayed to October 2015, Medisoft\Lytec continued developing a new version.

To help Medisoft\Lytec customers more effectively implement and manage the ICD-10 changes in their practice, a new version (v20) or (2015) was released in March of 2015. Medisoft v20\Lytec 2015 became the most current release available.

Although Medisoft v19\Lytec 2015 has all of the ICD-10 tools needed to be able to add ICD-10 codes and submit ICD-10 claims to your clearinghouse or payers, Medisoft only provides updates for its latest version (Medisoft v20 or Lytec 2015).

Important Note: McKesson will no longer provide updates for Medisoft v19\Lytec 2014. All updates will be provided for the latest version (Medisoft v20\Lytec 2015).

Additional features have also been added to Medisoft v20\Lytec 2015. These include Mobile Patient Intake Module, which is designed to help make ICD-10 simpler for your practice.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade to Medisoft v20\Lytec 2015. Upgrading will help you receive all service packs and fixes that might be necessary and related to ICD-10 – and help ensure that you experience no disruption in service.
Please contact Metropolitan Practice Management today to upgrade at 800-503-3911 x506