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Attention Windows XP Users!

Microsoft will be ending support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. This means that no further updates, patches, or security fixes for Windows XP will be released after this date.

That means that Windows XP will no longer be HIPAA compliant after that date. MPM recommends that all clients still using Windows XP computers begin the process of upgrading their hardware NOW. MPM recommends Windows 8.1 Professional.

While Windows XP will be supported by McKesson with the release of v19 Medisoft Patient Accounting, Medisoft Clinical will NOT be supported on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Software Download

Medisoft v20
Medisoft Installation Media (.iso) Release Notes
Medisoft Client Installer (Self Extracting) Release Notes
Lytec 2014
Lytec Installation Media (.iso) Release Notes 2014.1.2.024
Lytec Client Installer (Self Extracting) Release Notes 2014.1.2.024
Medisoft Add-On Products
Office Hours Stand-Alone
Reports Professional
Codes on Disk Nov 2013
Encoder Pro 7.3
Lytec Add On Products
SQL Server Installation Media 2008R2
Encoder Pro 7.3

Service Releases

None Available.

Medisoft Mobile for iOS

Medisoft Mobile for iOS devices is now available with Medisoft Network Professional v18SP2 and higher. Please note that ONLY Medisoft Network Professional contains this feature! Please refer to the installation instructions included with Medisoft as well as the Release Notes and Configuration Guide linked below. Only the following devices are supported:

Legacy Versions

McKesson supports only the current version and 1 version older (1VO) of it's products. These downloads are provided as a courtesy only.

File Name Instructions Posted
Medisoft V19
Medisoft V19 SP1 Download Release Notes 2/28/2014
Medisoft V19 SP1 DVD (.ISO) Download Release Notes 2/28/2014
Medisoft Mobile Download Configuration 3/13/2013
Medisoft V18
Medisoft V18 SP2 HotFix 3/4 Download Release Notes 9/1/2013
Medisoft V18 SP2 HotFix 2 NetPro ONLY
For orders that shipped with ADS v11
Download Release Notes 3/13/2013
Medisoft V18 SP2 Download Release Notes 3/13/2013
For Medisoft V17
Medisoft V17 Service Pack 3 Build 437 Download Release Notes 7/18/2012
For Medisoft V16
Medisoft V16 Service Pack 1 Download View Doc. 08/26/2010
For Medisoft V15
Medisoft V15 Service Pack 2 Download View Doc. 10/02/2009
For Medisoft V14
Medisoft V14 Service Pack 2 Download   02/26/2009
For Medisoft V12
Medisoft V12 Service Pack 2 Download   11/2/2007
For Medisoft V11
Medisoft V11 Service Pack 4 Download