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Medisoft V24

 Medisoft is the most popular medical billing software on the market


Designed to support Independent Physicians, Medisoft is a proven practice management solution. Medisoft offers an all-in-one interface combining scheduling and billing functions as well as integrated revenue management capabilities. However, it is so much more than just a scheduling and billing program. With Medisoft EHR, you will have access  to both the practice management system and an advanced electronic health record solution at a price that smaller physicians will like.


Medisoft powered by eMDS is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice managment solution designed to simplify the way you run youir practice. With each new release it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Here are jsut a few of the noteable benefits of upgrading to Medisoft V25 

 Medisoft V25

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Medisoft V25 Scanning

Enter Patient Data by Scanning Insurance Cards


Do you ever struggle to read your patients handwriting? Or find that data entry tasks leave a lot to be desired? With Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) scanning technology in Medisoft V25, you can make mistakes and labor-intensive tasks a thing of the past..  

Medisoft’s OCR technology converts printed characters such as policy numbers, demographic data, and copays from the patient’s insurance card into digital text in your software. You can scrape data from previously saved images or from new scans. Verify the scanned data, select the information you want to save to the Patient Case, and click OK. It’s that simple!g

Medisoft V25 OCR Scanning Demo

Medisoft V25 Enchanced ICD 10 Search  Tool


Rapid & Accurate ICD-10 Search!

Simplify and speed up your workflow to document, analyze, and code patient diangoses. Medisoft V25 has a new, enhanced ICD-10 search powered by IMO® Terminology that makes it easy to code fast and accurately to support clinical and financial needs.

Document and bill with confidence and ease.
Precise problem terminology helps clinicians quickly find and accurately document and code diagnoses.

Accurately code the superbill.
Problem and diagnosis search quickly finds the right clinical descriptors that pull accurate codes including suggesting additional codes that support more detailed billing and accurate quality reporting.

Gain insights at the point of care.
Problem-driven coding streamlines the process to accurately bill and get paid, while supporting quality reporting and analysis.

Transaction Entry and Transaction Edit Updates Designed for Speed and Efficiency

Medical coding and billing involve complex processes. A robust insurance and patient billing solution is key to running a successful practice. That’s why we are constantly evolving the Medisoft platform to be faster and more efficient. Here are a few updates that will help you reduce denials, improve accuracy, and speed cash collections. 

 Reduce Rejections and Denials with Transaction Entry Alerts


New Transaction Entry Alerts, released in Medisoft V25, allow you to create customized alerts for common denials. These make it easier to notify billers when there are potentially incorrect or incomplete charges before sending a claim to the insurance carrier.  This saves the cost of rework and increases payment velocity.

Verify the Correct Insurance Faster with Insurance Codes


In Medisoft V25, you can now see insurance codes along with insurance names on the transaction entry screen. Previously, you would see only the name of the insurance, but multiple names for the same insurance provider in multiple locations can be confusing and slow the efficiency of your workflow. With added insurance codes, the correct insurance is more recognizable, allowing you to quickly verify the correct insurance for the transaction speeding your workflow.

Bill with More Accuracy with Expanded Diagnosis Codes


In Medisoft V25, you can now pull and display up to 12 diagnosis codes from the Patient Case in the unprocessed transaction edits if connected to an EHR or Medisoft Mobile and no diagnosis codes are sent from those sources for the bill. Bill with more accuracy and ensure you are collecting all the revenue you are due

Added Patient DOB, Age, and Last Eligibility Check Date to Office Hours Appointment Screen


Sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. New enhancements to Office Hours appointment screen puts all the information you need right at your fingertips. Save time and money with easy to read date of birth, age, and last date for an eligibility check.

Medisoft V24 Mobile App

Multiple Enhancements Including Cases!

Improve patient engagement and collections with the new Medisoft Mobile 3.2 – available only in Medisoft v25.

Medisoft Mobile v3.2 includes a plethora of mobile app enhancements designed to make your patient interactions more efficient and effective.


    Updates include:

    • The ability to select a case from the Superbill, Charges, or Appointment screens. You can also pull the diagnosis from the case and display it on the patient preview area.
    • New functionality that enables you to edit or delete an existing single appointment directly in the app.
    • Detailed patient balances allowing you to see a breakdown of the patient’s remainder balances which comprise the guarantor balance.
    • Views for additional insurance information on the patient card, including policy information; the addition of a middle initial to your patient names for easier searching and sorting; plus the addition of facility codes for more accurate facility selection.

Medisoft v25 Matrix

Medisoft V25 Meatrix

Medisoft Products

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Medisoft offers 3 products: Basic, Advanced and Network Pro.

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Medisoft offers features such as scheduling and revenue management features.


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System Requirements

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