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Lytec Features


Webinar Recorded on February 25, 2015

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Lytec 2019 Features

  • AR Tracker
  • CPT Code Search
  • Claims Status Check
  • Eligibility: Real time for other clearinghouses and correcting major 271 processing issue. Testing will be with Change\Relay Health & Trizetto
  • Ability to save remittances in posting screen, permits partial batch posting
  • Print EOBs for individual Claims
  • Filter Claims that are marked ready to post
  • Defect fixes


Giving Physicians More Time to Care

  • Improves productivity in scheduling appointments
  • Schedules, moves, or cancels appointments quickly and easily
  • Views appointments according to your office setup — by day, week, or resource
  • Prints superbills
  • Allows multiple bookings to minimize missed appointments
  • Alerts staff of patients’ co-payments and balances due

Simplifies patient accounting

  • Adds efficiency with all account information for each patient on a single screen for convenient access, entry, tracking, and retrieval
  • Simplifies daily book balancing using patient daysheets
  • Easily applies patient payments with the payment wizard
  • Manages patient receivables with aging reports
  • Tracks insurance authorizations and reminds you when the authorized visits have run out

Speeds insurance billing and improves reimbursement

  • Stores billing information for any health insurance plan and assures accurate payer information with the Carrier Import option
  • Helps track and manage all your insurance claims
  • Prints standard HCFA-1500 claim forms
  • Tracks past-due payments to maintain timely and accurate insurance billing
  • Interfaces with Electronic Claims Processing for faster claims processing and improved reimbursement

Improves collections and reduces accounts receivable

  • Prints professional patient statements with notes to encourage prompt payment
  • Pinpoints past-due balances
  • Interfaces with Statement Processing for efficiency

Analyzes your practice

  • Identifies the trends of your practice through diagnosis and procedure code analysis
  • Tracks the profitability of your referring physician network
  • Summarizes information about the financial status and service performance of the practice
  • Analyzes the managed care costs for services provided against the insurance reimbursement received through contract services
  • Compares the difference between charges billed to an insurance company and the amount reimbursed from the insurance company
  • Tracks the number of inventory items you sell

Lytec Professional

All the features of Lytec plus more!

  • Support for up to five concurrent users
  • Encoder Pro helps you select the correct diagnosis and procedure codes to reduce claim rejections
  • Lytec Code Import saves time and reduces data entry errors by importing the latest procedure codes, ICD-9, and HCPCS codes
  • Lytec data import/export capability makes it easy to move data to and from Lytec and other software

Lytec Client/Server

All the features of Lytec Professional plus more!
Lytec Client/Server lets you manage patient accounts across multiple users and patients at different facilities. It links your computers into a single network with data accuracy, security, and performance.

  • Scalable from five concurrent users to over one hundred
  • Increased computing efficiency
  • Enterprise-class security management
  • Volume data handling
  • Powerful server-driven database technology