Medisoft is the most popular medical billing software on the market

Designed to support Independent Physicians, Medisoft is a proven practice management solution. Medisoft offers an all-in-one interface combining scheduling and billing functions as well as integrated revenue management capabilities. However, it is so much more than just a scheduling and billing program. With Medisoft EHR, you will have access to both the practice management system and an advanced electronic health record solution at a price that smaller physicians will like.

Medisoft powered by eMDS is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice managment solution designed to simplify the way you run youir practice. With each new release it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Here are jsut a few of the noteable benefits of upgrading to Medisoft V26

Daily Appointment & Activity Review

With a new review of charges and patient payment and collection activity, providers and practice managers who upgrade to CGM MEDISOFT v28 will be quickly alerted to possible oversights such as appointments without charges, missed copays, and claims that were not billed.

With this new feature, you can measure several core metrics to quickly identify if your practice is meeting collection goals such as expected copays at the time of service or billing for missed appointments.

You can identify your percentage of missed appointments and discover if the CGM CONNECTION Patient Relationship Management option could help reduce your no-show rate.

Streamlined claim management

Managing rejected claims is even easier with CGM MEDISOFT v28. Users can now add a resubmission code for the specific claims in question through the Claim Management screen.

The claim-specific resubmission code reduces the chance of being rejected for duplicate claims and could help them be processed even faster.

The old method of applying the code to an entire case is still available, so providers can go with the workflow that works best for them.


Deliver better service at the point of care

With the release of CGM MEDISOFT v28, comes new and exciting features like integrated patient responsibility estimates and enhanced eligibility display, thanks to our integration with eMEDIX. 

Practices with eMEDIX Eligibility will enjoy an updated, more detailed view of a patient’s eligibility status that doesn’t stray from the workflow feel you love. 

Our patient responsibility estimates allow you to provide a good-faith cost estimate for planned procedures by quickly running a patient’s insurance eligibility for the planned procedure codes. Save time with pre-configured MultiLink Codes for common procedure bundles.

Past payments and charge histories are factored in to provide a more accurate estimate. Providers can print and save patient estimates and have the option to tailor them with customizable messaging.

Integrated patient statements with eMEDIX

By using eMEDIX for your patient statements, your practice management software and clearinghouse come together under one roof with CompuGroup Medical. Patient statements are fully integrated with CGM MEDISOFT v28—no more logging in to third-party websites to view statements! Designed to be familiar and easy to use, providers can preview statements before transmission. Review them from within CGM MEDISOFT v28 to answer any patient questions. 

With eMEDIX, you can access reports including statement confirmations and undeliverable or changed patient addresses. Adopt the eMEDIX online payment portal and a QR code will appear on your statements to direct patients to the portal. Combine your integrated patient statements with our industry-leading eMEDIX clearinghouse and consolidate your operations under one trusted vendor.

Collect the right amount with co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible display

Best Practices say to collect patient out-of-pocket amounts at the time of service.

CGM Medisoft V27 makes this even easier. See what’s owed with the enhanced display of up-to-date co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible pulled directly from our eMEDIX clearinghouse eligibility integration. This newly displayed information may be more current that what was scanned from the card on file. If the eligibility response co-pay is different that what was entered by your users, it is highlighted for your review.

Want to learn more about EDI with eMEDIX? 

Bill with More Accuracy with Expanded Diagnosis Codes

In Medisoft V28, you can now pull and display up to 12 diagnosis codes from the Patient Case in the unprocessed transaction edits if connected to an EHR or Medisoft Mobile and no diagnosis codes are sent from those sources for the bill. Bill with more accuracy and ensure you are collecting all the revenue you are due


PDF file support

The user experience improves with CGM Medisoft V28. Previously, if you received a PDF document, you couldn’t store it or view it in the images tab. Now, you can import that document easily and view it directly from the multimedia tab.

Easier Practice selection.

If you’re a multi-tasker working across multiple client organizations with lots of instances of CGM Medisoft running, your going to love this feature!

In CGM Medisoft V28, you can see the name of each practice by hovering over the icon on the Windows task bat. No more opening and closing to figure out which practice is which.

CGM CONNECTION – A Robust Patient Reminder Tool

Patient reminders are critical to your practice’s continued success. Research has proven that patients who are engaged are more likely to achieve better health outcomes, have higher levels of satisfaction, and even bring in more revenue for your practice. But how do you incorporate patient reminder strategies without burdening an already stretched team?

CGM CONNECTION* is a state-of-the-art patient engagement platform that seamlessly integrates with MEDISOFT V28. CGM CONNECTION allows your practice to send automated appointment reminders as well as mass messages via SMS, email, and voice calls.

  • Pre-existing templates make it easy for your practice to get up and running quickly. Simply choose a template, customize it to your specific needs, and you are ready to launch your patient reminders.
  • Each message can be customized and configured using a variety of parameters including appointment date, location, provider, visit type, and much more.
  • Real-time results allow you to track confirmations and cancellations giving you more control of your practice’s schedule.
  • Increase patient engagement, eliminate no-shows, and shore up your revenue cycle with CGM CONNECTION.

Keep Your Practice Data Secure with MPM Cloud Hosted for a Low Monthly Fee!

MPM Cloud Hosting allows office’s to take their Medisoft software/data and store it on a secure outside server. MPM Cloud Hosting can be accessed from anywhere and on any device as long you have internet connection.

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